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Hosting Solutions

If you are planning for a corporate mail server hosting or deploying an enterprise application online or scaling up your existing ecommerce portal hosting, we can help you. Our consultants have more than 15 years of hands on expertise in designing and building bare metal server hosting, dedicated server clustering, network and cloud server hosting. They can help you choose the most optimal web hosting solution and offer professional advice in a range of areas such as;

1. Virtual Datacenter Network
2. Dedicated or Bare Metal Server Hardware Design
3. Intrusion Detection System Security
4. Online Strategy
5. Live Webcasting and Rich Media Delivery
5. Cloud Server Hosting, Hybrid Servers

Silicon House can help you create an IT strategy that will seamlessly integrate with your existing business. We offer the most cost effective and practical advise on running your business online with our in-depth experience for over 15 years. We have helped a leading auction portal in India to expand world wide almost instantly. Our experts have managed to keep the cost as low as possible for a loan portal in USA, keeping in mind of their market condition without compromising on quality of delivery. We are the power behind one of the oldest university in India and a multi-billion rupees construction company.

On one hand, we are helping an NGO which fights against AIDS to be more efficient by making key processes live and on the other hand we are helping a huge auto major to expand globally. Whatever solution we offer, we strive to either magnify the efficiency or cut cost.

Start-ups love us. Many start-ups have emerged as successful enterprise with our help. We are developer friendly. Our consultants can advise on new trends, potential pitfalls and scalability. Simply, we live in internet and more than that love sharing technology. Please browse thro’ the following links to learn more about the range of hosting solutions that we offer for our customers.

Business Application Hosting

Enterprise Email Server Hosting

Ecommerce, Large Web Portal Hosting

Sandbox Hosting Servers

High Availability Configurations

High Performance Configurations

Hybrid Servers

Rapid Action Force

Silicon House - Rapid Action Force™: The key to quicker and reliable service is our well defined and constantly updated work systems. Silicon House has been a leader in cloud server hosting and dedicated server hosting in India for more than a decade. Our simple and cellular hierarchy enables to provide customized solutions for all web hosting requirements. We can help you create an online strategy that will seamlessly integrate with your existing business. We offer the most cost effective and practical advise with our in-depth expertise and experience in hosting cloud servers and dedicated servers in India.