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How to choose a dedicated server ?

Server Designing

Server designing is systematic and rational way of finalising the key components of a web presence infrastructure such as Enterprise Applications, Portals Hosting, High End Ecommerce Applications etc. The key components include Hardware, Software, Bandwidth, Security and Monitoring

Factors that affect Server Designing

Designing of key components such as Hardware, Software, Bandwidth, Security and Monitoring of Servers will depend on;

1. Type of application
2. Expected Users
3. Scalability

Type of Application

This refers to the kind of application that will running on the server. The platform on which it is developed and deployed, scripting languages, back end databases, special components, protocols, web services, remote service interfaces such as payment gateways, sms gateways etc.

Identified Components : This will help us in identifying cpu, ram, os, scripting language, back end, security and special custom component requirements.

Expected Users / Load

This refers to the kind of load that the application will have for a single user and the load that it might spike in case simultaneous users increase. This can be arrived at load testing and by identifying in which phase of a product cycle the application is in. For example, load during a development phase will be very less when compared product live phase. Even though it cannot completely detected before hand, any spike in product usage load during the deployment stage can be easily identified in a YBox Fully Managed Server.

Identified Components : This will help us in identifying bandwidth, cpu, ram, back up, mirroring component requirements.


This refers to the kind of upgrade that the system will require in case the users or the application starts spiking the load of the server. Also this will address the redundancy factors such as load balancing, mirroring etc. Based on the budget and the future road map of the hosted application, this has to be arrived at. If not immediately scaled, at least it should have a plan in place to upgrade within the shortest possible time.

Identified Components : This will help us in identifying Load Balancing, Bandwidth, Mirroring, Back Up, Hardware Upgrades.

Why choose a server by a trial and error basis ?
Use our insight in choosing the apt dedicated server or cloud server for your application.

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