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How to handle unexpected spike in hosting ?

How do you handle 300 % spike in server resources, 25000 more users while delivering Live Webcasting and On Demand Video Streaming ?

Customer: A world famous Basilica in India

Problem: To reach out visitors around the world, the Basilica launched live webcasting and on demand media streaming of its daily and weekly events. The user base was steadily increasing over 2 years. The Basilica has given a wide publicity for an upcoming Annual Feast. The current live webcasting and media streaming infrastructure is enough to handle upto 100 % spike in key server resources and users. The in-house team has calculated the user surge to be below this level. But on the very first day of the 10 days event, there was a spike of 200 % in server resources and 12000 new users added to the existing ones.

Situation: Sensing the imminent user experience loss and network downtime, Silicon House – Rapid Action Force was contacted to provide a solution as quickly as possible at the same time with highest reliability. User experience, network uptime are the key goals to be met.

Solution: Our Rapid Action Force had come up quickly with many possible solutions and zeroed in on one solution which can exactly meet the goals set and also is very cost effective. Hybrid Hosting with a combination of cloud server instances and existing media streaming infrastructure was proposed.

The core idea is to build a frame work of media streaming solution and snap shot it in as many cloud instances as possible within minutes and balance the load among these cloud instances. The existing infrastructure also houses back end database layer, which is connected via private VLAN from all these cloud instances.

The cloud server instances run in a Gbps backbone with min 10 Gbps connectivity between them. Such a robust network combined with cloud instances took nearly 300 % spike in server resources and handled 25000 more new users with ease.

Such a solution is possible as Silicon House cloud server instances can be deployed in less than 2 min in our Fully Automated Virtual Data Center. Multi-location cloud server instances and Gbps inter connectivity among cloud servers and other server infrastructure enables us to separate each as a layer and offer solutions like a frame work. This can accommodate future spikes in users as well as server resources.

Why choose a server by a trial and error basis ?
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